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Do not know how to speak, this 10-month-old baby uses this way to argue with her Dad
September 15 2018, 11:16 AM
The baby was only 10 months old, but this girl "talk" in a fluent way, which makes her father just know to listen to her.

Many toddlers love to talk even though they do not know many words.

The clip recorded the scene of the 10-month-old baby girl arguing with his father, which makes everyone laugh. Just use body language, but her gesture is just like a mature lady.

The father was trying his best to teach his child, but he can not stop laughing. At the end, he gave way to his daughter.

Language development in children is a top concern of most parents to identify whether their child has a speech delay. But with this little girl, her parents will also be very headache when she know how to speak!

Having the habit arguing happens not only to this baby girl. Recently, the video of the little girl attempting to convince her dad that the proper sequence of numbers is 1, 2, 3, 5. She cannot be dissuaded otherwise. (Maybe she’s just considering them alternative facts?)

So she tries to go to mom to get some help. Mom, however, solves the situation as only moms can, and eventually little Aaliyah sees the error of her ways. It’s a real teachable moment, and one that parents everywhere can relate to.

But we really, really fear for Aaliyah’s teenage years.

The baby girl likes arguing with her father. 

Her gestures are so lovely.

That makes her father had to give way to her. 

Language development is very important to children. Parents should pay attention to their language and gesture to be sure for their good development.

Watching video: 

Source: People

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