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Do not hastily discard eggshell, 4 tips how to use egg shells clean furniture in the house
December 30 2018, 9:45 AM
In fact, shell eggs have great uses in life.

1. Clean your furniture

First, prepare a watering can, then place crusted eggs, pour water in and then cover, shake for a while and take to see how the effect.

There are many stains on the furniture. We spray the solution on these stains, then wipe with rags, the furniture will become very clean. This is because the eggshells are rich in protein and the solution mixed with this water cleans and increases the shine of the furniture.

2. Cleaning tea stains

Put some eggshell into the cup, then pour in water, cover and shake, yellow stain inside the cup can be effectively removed.

3. Calcified, dirty

Grime in the water tank is difficult to clean. We put some eggshells on the inside and then boil it to the finish.

4. Nutrients for plants

Directly removing the eggshell into the plant pot, it will give the plant a lot of calcium and trace elements, which will grow very fast.

Source: DKN

Hai Linh

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