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Not having enough money to perform surgery, poor man has a huge tumor under his jaw making his face become deformed
December 07 2018, 11:02 AM
The tumor under the jaw of a man which is as big as a head makes all his daily activities become extremely difficult.

Leonardo Maurice, a Filipino construction worker (30 years old), had a toothache several years ago. Then, under his jaw, a tumor appeared. It gradually grew and transformed into a “super” tumor. When Maurice was 23 years old, he went to the hospital for a medical checkup and was diagnosed with a ameloblastoma. This tumor is seen as a benign tumor formed from the epithelium of the dental papilla. It grows at a slow speed so many people find it difficult to realize and even subjective to treat timely. Besides, this type of tumor does not make the patients hurt but it is capable of destroying the bone and tissue around.

Despite being a benign tumor, in Maurice’s case, it is still capable of threatening the man’s life. The cost of this surgery to remove this tumor is up to 200,000 baht. He just earns just a few pounds (less than thousand roubles) per day, so he has no money to remove ameloblastoma and needs the support from community. Every day he works hard but the amount of surgery is too big.

Sharing about the cause of this tumor, 30-year-old Leonardo Moris (Moris Leonardo) found that his troubles began with the injury, which he received in his youth while playing basketball. After it, his jaw fell ill and began to swell. “I was waiting for this to pass, but it just grew,” he says.

Maurice claimed that it stemmed from a wound when he played basketball. In junior high school, he was injured in jaw when playing basketball. His face was swollen. At first only toothache but then, the tumor gradually grows and destroys the jaw. If left untreated it can spread to the nasal cavity and to the eye.

Maurice’s niece, Jolina Andoy, said the tumor had grown so rapidly that he could only eat soup, water and juice. His life is upside down. “At first, everyone thought he only had a toothache. The pain disappeared for a long time, but then suddenly his mouth is swollen. However, our family can’t help him now, “said Jolina.

Source: Jarm

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