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No one can’t hold back their tears after watching this video, the reason is totally unexpected!
August 10 2018, 9:24 AM
It was such a touching story.

The recent video shows the touching moment of a baby girl watching a video of herself and her sister when they were first born.

The girl couldn’t stop crying when watching the video

Sua, with her sister Suji weighted only 1.7kg when they were born and they had to stay in glass incubator for a long time. During that period, their parents came to the hospital regularly and recorded these video. After watching these videos from that day, the baby girl couldn’t stop crying like recalling from these memories.

Sua and Suji are Korean twins, born just two minutes apart in 2014. The short haired girl named Sua is the most energetic while the long-haired Suji is gentle and sweet. Sua and Suji started to be popular on the internet as their parents uploaded the videos of them on Youtube.

They are not only cute but also very playful

Because of their cuteness, only after a short time the number of people watching their Youtube channel has increased to a super high level, causing many people to notice and start to become social phenomenon.

No one can resist their adorableness

In addition, the two twins had the opportunity to be exposed to the K-pop idols, especially than being photographed with the Hollywood star in the “Avengers” film promotions ceremony in South Korea that makes many people feel admire.

Watch video:

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