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No one can say any word with the action of old monkey to tourists
July 20 2018, 3:37 PM
Some tourists often are teased by mischievous monkey.

Monkeys are wild animals, they live scatterely in forests worldwide. When tamed, monkeys become human friends. They are brought up around the circus, amusement park, ecological area to attract audiences as well as tourists. Moreover, monkeys are also known for their intelligence and hobgoblin. Sometimes, mischievous monkeys tease tourists. They pull the hair, pull the shirt or rob the food of visitors.

Recently a video posted making viewers can not stop laughing at the action of the old monkey. In the video, the monkey squeezes into the private area of the tourists. This action makes people around as well as spectators surprised and interested. And  the “victim” , he felt quite embarrassed. Watch video and leave your comments below.

The monkey was playing with a tourist

The mischievous old monkey slowly approached another tourist

No one can say any word with this action

Then the monkey turn away as nothing happens

This action seems to make the man feel shy

But everyone around him is very excited

Watch video:


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