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No need to get eyelid surgery, these make-up tips will help you own the beautiful double eyelids
September 24 2018, 6:04 PM
Anyone wants to own double eyelids, let's apply these make-up tips in the clip below!

Nowadays the beauty trend has become popular all over the world. Beauty demand of women makes the increase of plastic surgeries. However, the consequences of these surgeries are very unpredictable. Not only suffering from many operations, the sequelae also hurt the victim so far.

As a result, an easier and economical method is created to support for all demands of woman – make-up. By some simple steps, the girl can own the beautiful face. One of the most popular method is changing one-lidded eyes into two lidded eyes. Let’s see the video!

Using eye liner to make two-lidded eyes.


One more simple way is using double eyelids tape. 

Very effective!

Instead of suffering from pain, you can make it anytime. 

Let’s try it now!

Watching video: 

Xuan Tr



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