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Nightmare that gonorrhea bacteria proliferates in a boy’s mouth because of his parents’ harmful habits
February 09 2019, 12:27 AM
No one is wary of actions that show love for children, or that old people often act like chewing and feeding their children, even when many children feed their children

Not long ago, in Hanoi, there was a case of her child V.T.P 2 month-old baby, she had eye pain, pus eyes. Going to an eye examination, the doctor said the baby had gonorrhea keratitis. Ms. P. and the whole family also checked. As a result, she and her baby were positive for smuggled bacteria but her husband did not. The doctor suspects possible P. and the child from other family members. After checking the whole family, the maid also had gonorrhea. She has gonorrhea in her mouth and often kisses her cheek and baby’s limbs with scratches so the baby is infected with gonorrhea.

Or as the case of 2-year-old kid in Lang Son got gonorrhea from his father. At first, the mother discovered that the child showed ulcer in the mouth area, thinking that the child had a bad mouth, so he tried to give the child some cool but unexpectedly sick food. Symptoms of ulcers and coughing persist. Treatment of sore throat does not go away. The whole family takes the child to test for pharyngitis, when the gonorrhea bacteria are proliferating in the baby’s palate. At this time, the new husband confessed that he went out to “eat pho” sick. When he was sick, he was under treatment but he was very subjective when he regularly bitten food and gave it to him. He did not know that this social disease was transmitted orally.

Recently, the tragic death of an 18-day-old girl in the United States because of meningitis has caused a stir. It is worthy saying that when being born, baby is completely healthy. However, only a week later, she was ill and had to be hospitalized in an emergency. Here, doctors said she had meningitis caused by viral infections Herpes Simplex. Because both parents are negative for the Herpes virus, doctors believe that the cause of a baby’s infection is most likely through the affectionate kiss of an adult who carries the virus. After a few days of treatment, the child passed away.

According to physicians specializing in pediatrics, in addition to gonorrhea, there are many other diseases that can be transmitted by mouth, if parents keep the habit of kissing, biting and feeding them … theory, all respiratory diseases, salivary transmission or direct contact can be spread by kissing. In which common respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis, meningococcal bacteria or influenza virus, measles, mumps …

Contact-borne disease, most commonly Herpes virus, can cause herpes sores, vesicles on the skin, usually in the semi-mucosa or invasive virus, in the form of silent “sleeping” , when there are favorable conditions, it will react to the edge, zonar, even herpes encephalitis. Cytomegalo virus (CMV) also belongs to Herpes group. It spreads through body fluids like saliva, urine or blood.

When a person is infected with CMV, the virus stays in the body for a lifetime. CMV infection usually does not cause serious illness, however if a fetus infected with CMV can have serious developmental disorders. Also people with poor resistance they can cause damage to the lungs, liver, or infectious mononucleosis.

With saliva, many intestinal viruses can be transmitted such as hand, foot and mouth virus, enterovirus, polio virus, diarrhea …

The diseases that can be transmitted to children through the way of chewing food that we accidentally caused are:

Gonorrhea: Due to the habit of taking care of children, or kissing, urging patients to make contraband bacteria from their body to attack them seriously.

Meningococcal disease: This is a type of streptococcus that resides in the nose and throat area. This disease is very contagious through saliva. Therefore, when chewing rice, bacteria easily from the nose and throat of the sick person or the people hold baby.

Hepatitis: Hepatitis is a disease that is easily transmitted by mouth. Of course, when chewing rice, the hepatitis virus easily follows the saliva of the person chewing on the baby, causing him to accidentally attack him without knowing it. In particular, liver disease often changes silently very difficult to detect.

To ensure the safety of young children, experts recommend that parents should restrict in letting baby being hold to strangers including family members, kissed for 1-2 months after birth. Their body is very sensitive to the external environment, the resistance is weak so it is very susceptible to disease. When you want to hold or kiss a child, adults need wash there hands cleanly and make sure that they do not suffer from infectious diseases such as influenza or skin diseases, oral diseases… In case after being kissed by adults, children have millions fever, sore throat, poor feeding, fussing, parents should take them to medical facility to be checked and treated promptly if the disease is detected.



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