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The newborn baby is minus three fingers, the husband truculently demands divorce and insults his own wife!
December 14 2018, 3:25 PM
The fact that many people resentment towards the husband's family attitude to pregnant woman gave birth 20 days ago.

Netizens have been sharing the painful, resentful words of a newly mother. After 9 months of waiting, she is overjoyed to pick up the first baby. However, her baby has a minor defect in a hand, which didn’t detect during the examinations. Maybe, the cause is that the baby had held his hand when he still was fetus.

Standing in front of a newly born child, instead of rejoicing for being father, his family decided to blame her. They said that every month to go to the pregnancy examination, ultrasound is not unusual, why the baby was born with that imperfect. The most indignant is that the husband, who is closest to her heart – the father of her child, is determined to claim a divorce on the grounds that she had lied him, the baby’s defect is her fault.

The woman went her own mother’s home gave birth, the husband’s family didn’t visit but curse insults. Many people think that deformity in the hand of the baby is not worrying, why the paternal family is so nonsensical. People with disabilities live a good and meaningful thousand times better than those who are physically intact but are mentally handicapped. There are babies with hydrocephalus or more severe disabilities but parents do not hate but love them more because they are disadvantaged than other children. The behavior of the husband – the father in this story is not appropriate ethical as human, but somewhat cold, frosty. First of all is the act of divorce, a blame for the wife’s family while she has just given birth for 20 days. After all, the attitude of rejection of his own child just because of his disability.

In addition, a cousin of the husband’s family also responded drastically, claiming that they were tricked by the wife’s family. The reason is that the child’s maternal family has a person with sequelae Agent Orange but deliberately concealed. “He is only son so we also wish the grandson. But why is it known that the child will have a disability that you still has the child birth? What would it be if it was not a scam?”

It is condemning the couples to have seven years to know each other before marriage, if the truth is like the cousin’s words so the husband is too careless, superficial. In addition, the wife also said that in her family, only one sister has disease in person.

Before these words, many people said that despite the impact of Agent Orange, the child also has the right to live decent, kind, the right to be recognized. The netizens advised the mother not to argue with her husband’s family anymore, just to focus on child care, not to worry about other issues, prone to postpartum depression. Raising an adult child, becoming a social benefactor, being virtuous, and being happier than those who hurt you is the best way to respond. A child with a disability but a soul full of happiness, can completely grow and become a useful person for the society. Every child has the right to live and have his dream.

Kim Ngan Do

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