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This new tattooing technique permanently hides bags and dark circles under your eyes
October 04 2018, 2:33 PM
This tattoo method can conceal bags and dark circles under your eyes.

It is a major boon for people who suffer from bags under their eyes. This new technique is the work of Rodolpho Torres who is a Brazillian artist and Instagram sensation.

Rodolpho Torres, of São Paulo, uses flesh colored ink to hide stretch marks as well as circles under the eye. His exact method is a closely guarded secret, but we know that it involves creating an optical illusion via tattoo shading.

Anvisa (National Agency of Sanitary Surveillance) has approved his ink, and he personalizes each mixture to achieve a tone similar to that of the client’s skin. The ink blends into the stretch marks and dark circles, giving them the color of the skin.

Once the tattoos have healed, the client’s skin appears smoother, and after sixty days they can sunbathe without the risk of spots developing.

It’s not micro pigmentation, it’s a tattoo. You can live a normal life and expose it to sunlight knowing that your skin will not become stained, because the tattoo pigments approved by Anvisa give us this security.

However, many netizens have different points of view when it comes to using the tattoo to treat dark circles.

“I’m curious if this really makes a difference for people with severe dark circles! I personally would check the pros and cons before going heads first into too, especially someone with dark circles. No way would I want to make it worse!!!”

“The white pigment will never leave the skin, but over time it will turn into cheese yellowish mess and will look like a pass. No laser can remove it! DON’T DO IT!”

“It does NOT heal well/age well over time and gets lumpy under the skin. You will regret it. It also cannot be lasered off.”

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Source: In the know 

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