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New romantic trend of this Pig Year: Saying “I love you” by… skin sags
January 03 2019, 2:18 PM
Don't be boring on the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Do you find that the two of you text, email, nod at and grunt in reply to each other more than having actual meaningful conversations?

Hopefully your sweetheart has a sense of humor.

Do you see something… stranger?

Don’t be boring on Valentine’s Day.

Let’s take a closer look!

Do you see the text “I love you”, written on her skin sags?

But the idea is lovely: Please love when I’m thin and love me more when I’m fat. 

The unique idea is complimented by many netizens. People are busy tagging their friends to try this new trend of confession. So here are some cheesy, unique pick up lines to help you impress “that person”, along with the skin sags:

If I were a book, you would be a fine print.

I love you more than pizza, and I REALLY love pizza

In a zombie apocalypse, I’d eat you last

Source: Kenh14


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