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Netizens were shocked to see the young couple oversleeping in the school corridor after ‘doing it’
December 07 2018, 9:04 AM
The couple fell asleep after 'doing it' together in the corridor of a famous British university.

Recently, netizens have been discussing in a widespread and inconclusive way about the indelicate behavior of a young couple when they ‘did it’ innocently in public. According to Sina, the incident took place on November 29 at the corridor of the Appleton Building on the University of Edinburgh campus.

The noteworthy thing was that this young couple were found in a state of no pants and they were lying on each other to sleep. Around them were pants, socks and underwear. Even when somebody passed by, the couple were still unaware and until being awoken, they just woke up.


Photos and video clips were recorded by a person in the school and were posted on social networking site Twitter with the status line: “I can not believe this is happening in my school.”

The young couple have received a lot of criticism. However, the identity of these two people remains a mystery because the witnesses are not recommended to be revealed.

“Unbelievable, young people today are too bold”, “They dare to do it in school?”, “They are so tired that they oversleep and did not know anything”,… are the comments of netizens.

Source: Vietnamnet

Minh Chi

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