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Neglecting the disapprovement of the parents, the young girl still married with 2m3 man and burst into tears when she saw her first child
February 12 2019, 4:28 PM
The unique love story of a young girl has caused many people to worry.

Bao Xishun (or “Xi Shun”) is a farmer living in Inner Mongolia, China. He was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest man in the world on July 21, 2005 with a measured natural height of 2.36 meters.

Mr. Xi Shun used to be a basketball athlete, then he was invited by many companies to be a representative face thanks to his impressive appearance.

The love story of the tallest man on the planet with his 28-year-old girlfriend, who is less than 70cm lower, also consumes a lot of ink from Chinese media.

The couple made many people surprised with the height difference.

Mr. Xi Shun is 70cm taller than his girlfriend and 28 years older.

When he fell in love with Mr. Xi Shun, the young girl recieved lots of fierce disaprovement from her family because the difference was too large in both her age and appearance. However, despite all, the couple still come together and even go home to live together.

Despite the discouragement from the family, the young girl still lives with her boyfriend.

Sweet and unique couple live together happily and neglect all prejudice.

On March 8, a Chinese website posted a series of photos about the happy couple life between Xi Shun and his girlfriend. They said the couple were happy to welcome their first child.

The lovely face of the little angel – the result of her persistent love caused the young girl to burst into tears when she first saw her child. Her love story of deviation has finally been blessed by everyone.

The young love story of the young girl has been blessed by everyone.


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