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Only need to cover one eye to detect a dangerous disease, do not hesitate to try or you MAY BE BLIND forever!
August 03 2018, 9:21 AM
Parents only need to ask their child to cover one eye to see whether or not your child is at risk.

This serious disease can lead to blindness. This is a medical term referring to an eye condition caused by brain and eye can’t coordination properly. On the outside, the eyes seem normal, but in fact, the brain can’t receive the image of one eye and only receive images from the remaining eye.


Try to cover one eye, if you can’t see clearly, you may have amblyopia

According to the doctors, many adults also suffer from amblyopia because when they were young they didn’t pay attention when having the symptoms. The best time to cure this disease is the first 12 years of life, the sooner the better. After 12 years of age, interventions will not produce results. With this disease, medications, glasses or surgery are not effective and patients will have to accept permanent blindness.


The cause is due to one or two defective eye problems, often irregular refraction between the two sides. The eyes do not have the same axis of view or in other way, people with esotropia. Then, the brain only receives signals and rendering images from one eye, the other one is no longer function properly. Therefore, we recommend that you always check your eyes for the first few years to detect and treat the disease promptly.


Another sign is that the child is crying or uncomfortable when his or her eyes are being covered while looking at something. It is still a good idea to take your child to the hospital for a comprehensive eye examination.

Kieu Anh


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