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Nature at its most cruel: Giraffe stumbles around taking its first steps in front of its mother… before a lion pounces and ends its very brief life
October 19 2018, 9:31 AM
Heartbreaking video shows a lion killing a baby giraffe just two hours after it was born.

The mother is seen watching over her infant as a lion peers over bushes at his prey.

He then rushes on the stumbling youngster and is joined by a lioness in ripping it apart.

Claire Radloff, from East London, shot the video whilst on safari in Shamwari Private Game Reserve, South Africa on October 12.

The lion brings his weight down upon the frail calf, plunging his teeth into its back

A calf will learn to stand within half-an-hour of being born but even then they are targeted by predators.

Giraffes choose to have their babies at birthing grounds and will often return to the site of their own births as mothers.

The calf bereft of its mother stands frozen as the lion pounces from the bushes

The calf tries to stand and falls back as its mother appears to spot the approaching lion

The lion brings the young giraffe down rapidly as the lioness enters the scene

The Lion and Lioness feeding on the calf after it has been subdued

The Lion approaches from the dense bush to arrive at the giraffe birthing ground

Watching video:

Source: Daily Mail


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