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If you must only pay a little money to micro-needle therapy but you’ll suffer from such a “crushed” face, do you want to try so that you can have more beautiful face, girls?
January 22 2019, 8:00 PM
In order to become more beautiful, not few girls are willing to try beauty therapies even in case they can be life-threatening.

The skin care methods seem to always have strong attraction to women especially the methods that have positive effects in a short time. However, What makes people worried here is that in order to have a good-looking appearance, many girls are risking to test a beauty method just because others say that they are cheap and very effective.

For example, micro-needle therapy, a method has caused various controversies on the social networks as well as beauty forums. It has been considered as a scientific method that helps to improve the skin. In a 2008 study, when applying this therapy skin-to-skin, Collagen and Elastin increased by 400% within a month. In addition, according to Macrene Alexiades, a dermatologist, expert from Yale University in New York, the needle helps to bring the anti-aging agent to the skin better.

However, for those who haven’t studied or tried out this therapy, make sure that no one can imagine how this method is carried out and effective it brings about. And the photos that were supposed to record the process of micro-needle therapy in China below would have made many girls horrified.

It is known that these photos were widely shared on a lot of beauty forums with the caption of description: “Is this micro-needle therapy, everyone?”. The post attracted great attention of netizens. In addition to the claims that this was  exactly micro-needle therapy, there were also comments showing this beauty method  can be PRP method (PLASMA RICH PLATELET) – a method to beautify skin through use of blood.

Do you want to try this therapy so that you can become more beautiful?

Source: thoidaiplus.giadinh.net.vn

Vu Tam

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