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These must be the ideal robots million people dream of owning
November 15 2018, 4:45 PM
Life will become much easier when we own one of the following robots.

Nowadays, the modern society makes human life easier but much busier. Therefore, developing robots to support people in life as well as production seems to be agreed by many people in the world. There are some robots that are  are just ideas on paper, but  there are also many robots that are working right next to us. Here are some unique and useful robots that are being used to serve many purposes in life.

Robots can do a lot of things easily, from easy to hard. And there are jobs robots do not need to do much except for jumping and clicking … Here are some of the most typical examples of the extremely simple tasks that some robots are doing every day.

This robot can cut vegetables.

Cutting Scallion and other vegetables becomes much easier if you own this robot.

This robot can help you copy the lesson.

Watch video:

Video source: Weibo

Video source: Weibo

Vu Tam


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