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After having been through so much, this little angle learns to love, trust, and happy again
October 11 2018, 4:32 PM
After overcoming many dificulties, this little dog learns to love, believe in human and happy again.

This dog was left in a forest in South Carolina for a year. Sadly, one day she stepped on a rusty coyote trap. The gtrap caused pain so she kept licking her wound for comfort.

Hope for Paws used food to catch ber but had no luck. What a barbaric tool. He hopes that she can sit there under the tree and sit down. So there is a house there.

They made a plan to accomplish the mission. There are many fences enclosing ịn many locations. Then they decided to use soccer nets to capture her. They attempted to spread out a little bit more. All people hold together soccer nets which covered all the way to the fence.

However, she was likely to jump fastly so all people must make a great effort to catch her. All things happen chaotically. Finally, they got her and used stick to keep her silently. Gradually, they calmed her down and encourage her. Firstly, she seemed to be scared of all people but then she became a good girl. She was truly a sweet baby.  Then they took her to the car.

They had to sedate her in order to take the trap off her foot. After several attempts, the rusty trap was finally off. She had to undergo two surgeries to construct a new paw for her. Now she is completely healthy an happy. She also fostered a few orphan kittens.

Watching video:

Video source: Daily Viral Stories


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