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Mouth-opening when looking at stunning villages which seem to originate from Grimm’s fairy tales
August 02 2018, 9:01 AM
A lot of beautiful villages which are like from fairy tales have made tourists interesting.

Rothenburg, Germany: Rothenburg is a town impressed by pebble-paved roads and unique Middle-Age architectural style. Appearing on each house is colorful clusters of flowers.

Cinque Terre, Italy: lying along the coast of Riviera, Cinque Terre is constructed in cliffs like brilliant rubik’s cubes which match harmoniously with the color of the sea. The houses are connected with each other by ladders which are smaller and smaller leading to the sea.

Colmar, French: locating on the edge of Lauch River, the village is compared with Venice because of tranquil ancient streets, looking-through-water houses, flower-covered balconies… The village is not only famous for its architecture but also popular for grape-growing area in French.

Bibury, England: Bibury is a small village in Cotsworld, next to poetic Coln River. The village is famous for the sandstone-built houses for hundreds of years which conjure up peacefulness and ancientry. The beauty of Bibury has been appeared in many movies such as “Stardust”, “Jone’s dairy”…

Shirakawa-go, Japan: lied on the foot of the Haku-san Mountain, Gifu province in the middle of Japan. The houses here are built with grass or straw roofs for more than hundreds of years. The village is recognized as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1995.

Fishing village Portofino, Italy: Portofino is located next to Linguria. The village including colorful houses is wrapped by trees and a majestic mountain.

Watch the video to see how beautiful these villages are:

Malie Pham

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