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Mother’s love is always the most sacred sentiment like an invisible rope between the mother and child
September 14 2018, 10:15 AM
Like so many other babies, the baby below keeps crying out. No one can comfort him until a man appears.

Maternal love is the divine and immortal love that every mother gives to her baby. Even though the mother is no longer with her child, that special feeling can not disappear.

The baby in video has been crying a while for some reasons. It is not clear that why his mother does not stay beside him.

Everybody tries their best to comfort him from crying but they are helpless. Even he cries more bitterly.

Having given up, the man gave the baby to his grandmother. The gentle grandma coaxes him but still not effective.

She is resigned to bring the baby boy to a pregnant woman.

Somehow, he still refused to stop crying, so the woman hands him to the young couple.

However, the baby cries louder so the couple turned gives him to another guy, but he still keeps crying out.

Finally, a strange man makes a smile on his face.

Magically, the boy leaves off crying immediately. He plays with the man happily.

Maybe you are feeling confused and wondering why the baby stop crying on seeing the strange man?

The answer is that his mother died and she had donated her heart to this man.

Although the man is not his mother, he still feels the loving look and familiar beats of his mother. Motherly love is wonderful, isn’t it?

Watch video:

Kim Ngan Do

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