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The mother is unpleasant when looking at her husband with “the young girlfriend”: Since having the daughter is considered losing husband
August 09 2018, 3:36 PM
She is angry but can not do anything.

Today, young dads extremely cherish “their little princesses”. Fathers always protect, love daughters. They even make their wifes be unhappy because many wifes feel they are “out to the edge” when fathers and daughters play, take care of each other.

That is probably the common thinking of many wifes. The woman recording the clip is an example. This clip had been shared publicly on social networks in the past time.

In the clip, the young dad and the “beloved” daughter always held hands, expressed affection anywhere, leaving the outsider was the wife.

 The daughter hugged the father like a loving couple

The daddy loved, protected the girl and the little girl in the clip also proved that she was very “fancied” in getting the love from the father, didn’t care about the feeling of the mother. Not meeting for a while, they missed each other and felt happy when meeting again.

The wife was “impotent” before the behaviors of the father and the daughter so she filmed to make the evidence to complain with netizens: “Since having the daughter is considered losing husband”.

Meeting each other was a warm embrace

Hugging in front of the mother’s face made her be unhappy

The father took care of the daughter one by one

After the video was widely shared, it attracted the attention of many people. Most young mothers ticked “the name” of their husband to “remind”.

Watching video:

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