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Mother lets 4-year-old son run out towards her sister back from school, the boy was painfully run over by the bus
July 14 2018, 10:27 AM
This is such a dangerous mistake of the adults due to their neglect.

Watch video:

The CCTV recorded the traumatic accident occurring on a street in India. The mother and her 4-year-old son was going out from the house to welcome the boy’s sister. While the bus was dropping the students including the girl in front of the house, the boy was playing around there and the mother did not notice him.

  While parents are busy picking up their children The boy runs in front of the bus

And that was when the tragedy happened. The boy ran in front of the bus and it ran over him twice without stopping. After seeing the poor boy lying on the road, the mother got panicked and everyone rushed out to get him to the emergency.

   The bus heartlessly run over him twice The poor boy lying there and was conscious

This is the lesson for the adults to have closer monitoring on their children in public place.

  They immediately took him to the hospital

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