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The mother was hospitalized, she brought 200 million to home, and when she eavesdropped her brother, she only took 5 million from her pocket
January 29 2019, 3:01 PM
Who is more filial, The daughter or son?

I married away from home and got married, every year 5, 6 times to my mother’s home. But since I have children, I have to work more, I still have to go to work, i only went home 1 time in a year . After 2 years I got married, my brother also got married, his father died, his mother stayed with his brother. Because I don’t have much time to take care of my mother, every year I send my brother 20 million so that I can take care of my mother.


After 3 years, my husband and I also had some assets, good mood, so my wife and I returned to visit our mother for a trip. This time I saw that my mother was much thinner, my brother said that the old man was like that, so I didn’t ask anymore. Because business is also earned, I give my brother 50 million. My brother was very happy, he poured water t, and prepared a big food table. I stayed at the house for 3 days and went home to work with my husband.

Since then every year my brother started demanding money for his mother’s old mother, he said his mother’s age was many diseases so care was more expensive, hoping I could send more money.

I see my brother makes sense, so every year I give him 30 million, my younger brother is in the countryside, that money is almost the same as the income of the whole year in the countryside, I think it should be no problem. Just like that for 5 years, my younger brother took the excuse of buying functional foods to nourish my mother to ask me for big money, I also thought that my brother was filial, just needed to be born to my mother, I definitely did not, Sorry.

But when I came back to visit my mother when I came to visit my mother, I went to my mother’s room and did not see any functional foods.

I asked my mother if she told me that she was healthy and not using functional foods. understood, it turned out my brother asked for money for his own use. Because I do not want to cause discord, I do not say it, still give my brother 40 million annually, just because my mother does not have to suffer.

But after two years, my brother suddenly called me and said that my mother was seriously ill. It cried in the phone and said there was no payment for hospital fees. Due to the slow return of money at the end of the year, I had to borrow 200 million from my friends and quickly went home without explaining anything.

When I arrived, the weather was very hot, there was no one in the yard, the door was open. I thought maybe the grandchild was at home, I was going to call my brother to ask which hospital, and now I heard her voice. My mother scolded my brother, saying it was nothing, not managing his wife, and stealing house money, my mother was not hospitalized, there was no illness at all.

I stood there without saying anything, my brother just bowed. It turned out that my brother’s wife was addicted to gambling, his wife gambled losing and still owed others. In the past few years, my sister-in-law had thought of asking for money from me, my brother heard everything from his wife, and the couple did not do anything, knowing that I was angry.

I took out 5 million in my pocket and told my brother, “If you’re still a man, don’t let your wife push it like that. A man must learn how to take responsibility with his family, know how to feed his family, don’t listen to his wife. You are a man who pretends to cry to ask for money. This money I give you is enough to live for a month, tell my wife to leave gambling, I go out to earn money to support my family, from now on I will not give you a penny. ”

After that, I packed up my mother’s luggage and prepared to bring my mother to live with me. Now my condition is comfortable for my mother to live well, my husband agrees. Currently my mother still takes care of herself. If she cannot, then I will do it myself or hire a maid, much better than letting my brother and sister take care of my mother.

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Phuong Thao

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