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Mother forces her daughter to eat pesticides, texting “Money in our funeral can pay debt”
July 03 2018, 1:59 PM
Facing the threats from lenders and the ignorance from her husband, this mother was totally helpless.

On September 2017, all netizens in Vietnam were shock reading the news “Mother forces her child to eat pesticides together”. It turned out that she intended to use the money in their funeral to pay the debt. Luckily, her action was failed..

At the court, the mother whose name Loan, was crying non stop when admitting her wrong doing. She said, the reason behind her action was the debt of more than $USD 10,000 and the conflict between her and the husband. Her first intention was to run to the road the be crashed by trucks. However, she was afraid that no one was able to recognize the. That’s why Loan brought her daughter to a hotel and force the kid to eat pesticides. Whenever the name of her daughter was mentioned, pain and regret showed clearly in her face.

At the court, the legal representative of the victim, who is also Loan’s husband, did not ask for a compensation. He even submit his withdrawal letter. Therefore, the judge sentenced the mother a 10-year sentence for “Murder”

The crime caused rages all over the internet, yet netizens felt sympathy for this mother. Poverty and debt can really push people to doing unimaginable action.



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