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Mother fakes son’s kidnapping to test husband’s love and the unexpected ending, netizens asked for severe punishment for cheating the whole society
December 06 2018, 2:50 PM
Child found safe and well at relative’s house. Online community responses a mix of relief and outrage.

A woman named Chen, 33, reportedly told police Tuesday that her 11-year-old son, Huang, had been kidnapped, according to the South China Morning Post. The police immediately sent him to investigate and search for the remains of the boy, but there was no results.

The mysterious disappearance of a student attracted the attention of many, and the police had to raise up to 500,000 yuan (1.6 billion) to look for information about Huang.

The family also prints pictures of the boy’s body, face and costume when he is missing, so everyone can help him. The police station in Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province (China) must mobilize a large number of police forces to search for Huang. They considered this to be extremely serious.

At the same time, an online topic, “Wenzhou 11-year-old boy missing for five days”, was read more than 230 million times on Weibo, China’s Twitter. Netizens also want to help to find out Huang. Chen also enthusiastically cooperated with the police and expressed concern as the mother of a child.

Throughout the search, the boy was hiding in a nearby village while Chen was faking her cooperation with police and her efforts to find her son, the police statement said.

Police said her behavior had seriously disrupted social order, wasted a large number of public resources and damaged public trust.

On Tuesday, while the boy was still believed to be missing, his father saying: “We have searched all over Yueqing, but still no news of my son, it’s like he’s disappeared into thin air.”

Just one day later, with the boy found safe and well, a neighbor had said the whole family had moved out at around 3 am on Wednesday and their whereabouts were unknown.

The family’s property agent claimed they owed 7,000 yuan in annual rent on their house since they “had a tight budget”, the newspaper also reported.

Netizens reacted furiously to the news on Weibo, with many commenters criticizing the family for wasting police resources and duping concerned members of the public.

“Everyone is happy that the child is safe, but this kind of family member must be seriously dealt with! This not only wastes everyone’s time and energy, but it is also emotionally exhausting and wastes national resources. This is over the top!” read one comment which was liked more than 7,000 times.

Source: afamily 

Hoang Ngan


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