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Mother cow silently mourns the death of her baby as she stands still for hours
October 07 2018, 10:30 AM
This heartbreaking video can teach us a lot about cows as mothers. This devoted mother cow lost her baby and stood like this for long hours.

Cows, like humans, go through a 9-month pregnancy. Their babies will nurse for about a year and will continue to reside in the same herd as their mothers.

Being herd animals, cows never lose contact with their family members, and the strong bond and affection between a mother and her children will normally last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, cows used for meat or dairy do not get to keep their families whole. The dairy industry is particularly cruel in this regard, as it separates mothers from babies shortly after birth, to prevent the babies from nursing their mothers’ milk.

Watch video:

Source video: Kinderworld

Source: Kinderworld

Hai Linh

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