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The mother with cancer at the age of 31 admits “I have TWO mistakes that millions of people have”
January 03 2019, 1:57 PM
Recently, netizens fluttered with the letter "I have cancer when I was 31". What makes many people interested is not only the story of the woman, but also about the problems she mentions to anyone who suffer.

The author of the letter center is a 31-year-old woman from Zhejiang, China, married and has a 5-year-old daughter. During a routine health check at the end of last year, she discovered she had thyroid cancer. She had surgery and radiotherapy earlier this year.

After suffering from cancer, the mother of one child suddenly realized the wrong things that she had previously damaged her own health.

“In October 2017, I suddenly had difficulty in speaking for a month, I could not even laugh out loud. At first, I thought that because I was tired. Then I was recommended that I go to the doctor again.

On December 15, the hospital’s thyroid ultrasound had results. The doctor told me, “The problem seems quite serious.” And forwarded the results to another doctor. She said that my tumor was probably malignant. The final test results showed that it was exactly a malignant tumor, I had cancer.

I had to stay in the hospital for 5 days, eating liquid food, drinking water was also very painful. I like to eat a lot but now it only hurts me and must stay away from salty food. Even when I was out of the hospital, I had to stay at home for more than 10 days.

Why do I have cancer?

Doctors say many people think that thyroid cancer is involved in eating too much iodine, but this has no scientific basis. The doctor also said that there may be genetic factors, but there is no history of cancer in my family.

They think that the likelihood may be related to stress because anyone can potentially have cancer cells and if you are too tired, it may break out. After thinking carefully, I feel that my illness is related to two factors: eating and working pressure. Those are my two mistakes and I know there are millions of people out there just like me.

Eating at night and eating too much

People often only eat fruit or yogurt when they crave after dinner, but I prefer to eat “heavy” things like fried rice cakes, noodles, and grilled meat. And almost every night I eat, since 2011. I think greed can also make a friend easily get sick because you won’t be able to sleep well when you eat too much.

Eat too much fat

When studying at the university, I was quite fat. After losing weight, I even more appreciate the opportunity to eat. However, the fact that eating without fat is problematic, because I think, the body is a closed body, high in protein, eating so many things, without diarrhea, not getting fat, this proves Digestion, absorption and ability to excrete, must be problematic.

Regularly eat grilled dishes

I absolutely love eating barbecue no matter how far I have to go. Even at home, I will make grilled meats and eat a lot.


I am a workaholic and even before surgery, I still cannot postpone my work. I had surgery on 11/1 but on January 17, I used the phone to work and check mail. On February 1, I returned to work after only 20 days of surgery. At that time my body was very thin and still not completely well but I was bored at home so I went to work.

And after knowing that I had cancer, I decided to change some of my living habits.

First, I decided to give up the eating habit at night. Since leaving the hospital, I no longer look for food every night. Secondly, I decided to let myself relax after working, not worrying about anything, no workaholic anymore, just doing it when I could afford it. Thirdly, I decided to limit eating grilled dishes ”

Zhao Jianqiang, deputy director of Zhejiang Head Cancer Hospital, Cancer Hospital, said: “Thyroid cancer has many causes, not just one factor, but a combination.” of many impact factors.

Eating at night is not the main cause of thyroid cancer, they have more influence on the digestive system. The most common cause of thyroid cancer is eating too much iodine. In general, in coastal areas, the incidence will be higher.

In addition, if a person is constantly stressed, endocrine disorders may be at risk. The incidence of thyroid cancer in women is relatively high because they are often more susceptible to anxiety and pressure.

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