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Mother buys eggs for the baby to crack, laughing on the other side of your face is real!
September 11 2018, 4:33 PM
These kids are so cute!

Children are always curious about everything around them, especially the objects are beautiful and colorful. Moreover, they don’t develop the awareness completely, so they maybe not know what they’re doing is right or not. The baby in the below image is interested in cracking the eggs that her mother have just bought.

After watching the scene, a netizen said “I don’t believe you can stop laughing after watching this video, children always have own lovely style.”

Besides the happy and lovely moments, children are also cute when they sleep. Let’s see more lovely pictures while they are in bedtime.

Maybe she did try her best to climb the chair, but she was tired so she gave up and went to sleep.


Is the baby uncomfortable when he sleeps in the position?

Kids must be tired!

Lying in a chair seems to be more comfortable than lying on the bed …

The boy maintains good balance.

Like father, like son.

Once you’re tired, sleeping under the bed is also a good choice!

“Daddy, wake me up when we go home!”

“Eating on the sly is delicious!”

When you’re sleepy,….

A person said “The baby is so naive, they can do actions that we couldn’t guess”

Funny moments of baby help us reduce stress after a hard-working day. What do you think about their action?

Watching video:


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