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Monthly husband into the kitchen cooked soup, wife looked at the results just want to vomit, the people think that is a pig’s pot
December 27 2018, 11:21 PM
The soup cooked with vegetables of the couple looked so scary that nobody wanted to eat anymore.

The soup cooked with vegetables of the couple looked so scary that nobody wanted to eat anymore.

Compared to the sisters, not much husband to the kitchen. Maybe not for lazy but some people rely on his wife who is not very skilled and sometimes turn everything into a catastrophe. Recently a wife has shared on the social pot of vegetable soup that her husband cooked.

The wife said that this is the pot of vegetables, freshly cooked by her husband. Looks like a porridge pot heart. “One month in the kitchen when he goes to the same day that only one dish,” the wife lamented.

The picture shows a thick soup pan, topped with thick foam. Not to mention the combination of vegetables with the weather that people associate with the pot … pigs.

“Looking like a pig’s pot, the husband did not know how to cook, and forced her husband to cook.” The wife cooks better than she cooks, so her husband does other things. How scared I was, “one man said.

But not all husbands do so, some people go to the market and cook the dish very smart. Not long ago, a wife made sisters compliment sob when her husband in the kitchen cook a simple meal, but looks delicious. This person said that he was tired so he did not prepare to go to work. “Well, my husband lit up the bottle to go to the market and he cooked rice for me. This one is dying, “the wife wrote.

According to this wife, she feels happy when her husband is caring and caring about this illness. The pictures show dishes include rice, pumpkin soup, fried eggplant fried egg fried, shrimp fried squid, dessert with a very well cut orange fruit.

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