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Mommy teaches Korean baby girl to say ‘No’ to strangers, she always argues with cute face causing everyone to laugh
December 07 2018, 3:34 PM
The clip of lovely Korean girl attracts has over 11 million views.

Appearing in a clip was recorded by her mother, Yebin always make the audience excited and delighted by her cute, lovely expressions.  Clip “Say no to Strangers” made the 3-year-old Korean girl become a phenomenon of domestic and foreign community.

In this clip, the innocent girl expresses her lovely thoughts with a very atmospheric voice. Only after his mother taught her many times, Yebin remembered her mother’s instructions – do not go with the stranger.

Yebin is very attentive to hear her mother’s lesson. 

Very seriously! So cute!

But when her mother asked ‘if the stranger asks’ let’s eat cake’ then what you will say.

She thinks within 1 second and agrees immediately, she likes being asked to eat her favorite cake.

Owning the big round eyes and face, Yebin makes the other person feel close. 

How cute she is!

The clip has attracted over 11 million views with a lot of comments expressing the interest of the netizens.

Xuan Trinh

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