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The moment when this young man passed out while doing skydiving
September 03 2018, 3:01 PM
The whole video recorded the whole heartattacking scene of the pass-out of this young man !

Scientists are on their way to figuring out why people used to pass out when they’re under some types of pressures like height pressure or suddenly changed atmosphere,..

For example, have ever you played the game named ‘slingshot’. ? Basically, you sit in a seat, obviously with careful protectors and then, you will be ‘shot’ into the sky. Well, if you’re a fainthearted person, don’t be a fool to try this game ! And, if you’re a thrill-seeker, you will be desired to play once in your life..

There’re a lot of people who were recorded by attacthed camera  passed out while playing this horrifying game. We can not understand why, but this happening occur to almost everyone, so it seems to be normal.

The same case with this guy while doing skydiving. He acutally lost consiousness for a while, this scared the pilot.

His partner was completely scared. He could not hide his w0rry. But luckily, the young man woke up and acted as if nothing had happened.

Why he could be that calm when he had passed out few seconds ago ?

Netizens seem to pay more attention to his precious facial expression. I know it was serious, but his facial expression made me burst into laughters.

“stick your finger in his mouth that’ll wake him up”

“He was not passing out. It is because of G-Force he fainted for some seconds.” – a potential explanation

” he woke up thousands of feet in the air and didn’t even freak out. ”

“Wait, let me reboot !”

“This is me in history class”

Check out this video:

source: base jump xtreme

source: base jum xtreme

Ngoc Anh


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