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Mom letting her 3-year-old dye her hair pink for self-expression causes controversy
September 12 2018, 8:54 AM
A popular Instagram star has divided fans by allowing her three-year-old daughter dying her own hair bright pink.

While some have praised the mum for letting her child, City, have fun, others were concerned about the effect the dye could have on the tot.

The mother posted a video with a caption “Letting my 3 year old dye her own hair pink…what could go possibly go wrong? Good idea or bad idea? ”

The footage shows her daughter’s tutorial on how to dye her hair pink. The little girl starts the video by mixing hot pink hair dye and then put it on her hair.

She praises that the smell is good and reveals she love pink, that’s why she choose to dye her hair in pink.

She can’t put it in the right way, and the result is the cream going into her ear and eyebrows.

It looks messy on her face but she’s still adorable. At the end of the video, she asks her mother “Mommy I need help” when the cream goes into her nose.

The video causes controversy on the Internet. Some people disagree with the mother’s behaviors when allowing her 3-years-old daughter dying her hair.

“Why? Just tell me a freakin reason why u let ur daughter do that? At her age, I was playing with toys and Barbie dolls. Let her live a normal life and have fun with her friends do not post her on Instagram and do not let her have a social life she is so young. She is too young. And it is not her fault it is yours. It is not good for her.”

Others protect the mother’s perspective by pointing out that hair dye cream can be used for children and does not damage her hair.

“Arctic fox hair dye (the kind they used) is vegan and child safe, it’s not permanent and lasts maybe a month depending on how you take care of it, and because of both of these things, it’s okay to get it on your skin. it even smells good, so they don’t get the toxic smell in their lungs. do your research on these things before you go and say that she’s a bad mother. No mother would allow their children to dye their hair or do something else like this if the risks overweight the positive outcomes.”

“This is vegan omg, that is like shampoo it isn‘t dangerous, and she wants to make her child happy, the child can make decisions, and if she wants to make her hair pink, she can! We didn‘t ask for your opinion”

How do you think about this video? Will you let your child do that?

Watch video:

Source video: Charity Grace 

Source: Charity Grace 

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