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The mistress was hit by many people, her shirt was taken off, the wife yelled: ‘Let’s record her face clearly’
December 12 2018, 2:25 PM
The young girl was hit savagely in front of the witness of a lot of people but absolutely no one wanted to dissuade.

The incident just happened, according to the content of the clip posted, it looked like a fight for jealousy. No man appeared in the clip, only a group of women were controlling a young girl to take off her shirt and find a way to cut her hair although the mistress cried and begged. This incident caused traffic jam because so many curious passers-by stopped to see.

Many curious passers-by stopped to see

But absolutely no one wanted to dissuade

No matter how bad the case is, the assault and humiliation of these women is a violation of the law, and they are likely to be fined heavily for this behavior or may be handled and prosecuted the criminal responsibility.

Such cases of jealousy may not be strange to us anymore, it happens regularly, it is thought that the authorities need to handle seriously disruptive behaviors to deter those who have done and are carrying in mind with a violent tendency like this.

Watching video:

Minh Chi

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