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After few minutes of suspicious silence, the mischievous boy made an impressive construction that attracts 92 million views
August 10 2018, 5:30 PM
Kids are the most playful members in families but playing in the smart and crafty way like this boy is such a rare case.

Recently, the parents are surprised to see incredibly impressing scene made by a mischievous boy. No one could be angry but had to take the phone and capture moment of his unlimited creativity.

This video recorded when the little baby’s daddy recognized that his son was quiet for a long time. Because as usual, he will play with his toys and make noise. But no, he really focused and created a pretty impressive work that is the number of cars, motorcycles and toys put in line from the living room to upstairs, and the last stop was the toilet.

This kid put all his toy cars in long line 

The father could not say a word when he saw a lot of toys in the toilet. Perhaps after setting a mini car park throughout the house, maybe he still saw many cars are left and decided to put them in the toilet to clean up?

  The line leads to the bathroom

This video has attracted 92 million views, 1 million shares, 68 thousand comments from all the parents. “That was great. We will know what our children can do”. “I bet his parents would be more excited than angry, because this naughty game is so clever and mischievous.” The author reveals where all the toys are left

However, there are many complaints to his parents: “To put the toy car on the stairs and lead to the bathroom, it takes at least 1 hour. Do you leave a baby for a long time without watching him?”

That looks funny but this baby was playing alone for too long

Keep in mind, your baby may fall off as he climbs up the stairs, or risk of stepping on a toy and causing his leg to hurt. So, even if you neglect, parents should also make sure to give them a play environment that is both comfortable and fun to explore, creative and safe for the baby and don’t leave him for too long.

Watch video:

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