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Those who own the ‘minor’ beauty of humanity – are mutants or beauties?
September 13 2018, 9:28 AM
At times, the charm and appeal of somebody derives from their unique characteristics and does not follow a common "gauge of beauty".

One of the most mysterious questions for humans, the self-loving beings that we are is what others think about us, there I said it. Would you rather be beautiful or extremely attractive? While you are still pondering that, you’d appreciate knowing that most average people strive to meet regular beauty standards but often forget that there is no scale to measuring true beauty. Real beauty happens in its own form and these people are a great example.

While an average looking person could be anxious about not being sure whether people will like his/her looks or not, these individuals know they are extremely beautiful in their own ways and are damn proud of it.

Those eye colors are definitely beautiful

True beauty is unique to everyone

We also thought she was a doll

If only Merida was real

Genetics doing its thing

Even vitilligo can be drop dead gorgeous

Yes, he’s definite an earthling

We definite see beauty

Those eyes could see through you

An Albino among the Eastern population, very rare beauty

As if he is two in one

Big-beautiful eyes, very rare

Definitely the most beautiful freckles

This shape of eyes, worth dying for

Lost in time perhaps?

The most attractive wilding

Beauty can never be too much

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Dieu Linh

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