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Once again, a mini gas tank exploded while eating hotpot cause a patient with broken hands without being curable!
January 27 2019, 9:56 AM
When taken to the hospital, the hand of a 42-year-old male patient exploded, emerging the bones and tendons ... doctors have no way to save the patient's hand but can only retain two finger.

MSc Luu Danh Huy, Deputy of the Department of Surgery for Upper-limb Trauma and Sports Medicine, Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital said, when the patient was taken to the hospital with broken hands, the people around saw all shudder, frightened because the patient’s hand emerged all veins, bones and muscle.

Earlier on January 16, 42-year-old male patient (Ha Tinh) was taken to the Department of Upper-limb Trauma and Sports Medicine, Vietnam-Germany Friendship Hospital in the state of crushed left hand due to the explosion of mini gas tank. The patient was diagnosed with superficial burns in the face, forearm, severe trauma, especially crippled 1st, 2nd, 3rd fingers with a complicated wound on the 4th and 5th fingers.

The patient’s family members said the accident happened when the patient was eating hot pot at home with a mini gas stove. While eating, the gas ran out of, the male patients replaced the gas tank then the tank exploded, the patient’s hand was broken.

The explosion of mini gas tank caused the patient’s hand to be broken, the doctors have no way to save the patient’s hand, can only keep the 4th and 5th finger to follow up.

Dr. Huy said, serious injury due to explosion of mini gas cylinders is not uncommon. Recently, the number of patients admitted to hospital due to the explosion of mini gas cylinders is not small. Patients hospitalized in severe injury due to the explosive force of the gas tank is very large while the patient is very close to the gas tank.

As recently as January 18, the Central Otolaryngology Hospital has received a patient in a state of complete vision loss of right eye due to rupture of the eyeball; left eye blurred; stubby nose with crushed skin … because the mini gas tank was exploded when cooking.

So doctors recommend that people should be very careful when using gas cylinders, so choose gas cylinders with clear origin. In those cases, the part of the limb is severed, it must be properly stored and brought to the nearest medical agency for the doctors to handle.

For a while, the situation of the mini-gas explosion was overwhelming, the press warned the mini gas stove as a ‘bomb on the banquet table’ that could be inflicted at any time if the gas tank was not safe.

Kim Ngan Do

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