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Millions of people have to cry after watching this man eating fish’s blood pudding – the result may be worst
August 04 2018, 10:20 AM
Sushi is nothing when compared to this Vietnamese dishes

Are you dare to eat raw fish meat, not to mention fish’s blood ? Just thinking of it gives you goosebump.

However, fish blood is actually a dish in Viet Nam, especial in the area of West North. People here even consider it as their special food that should not be missed whenever visitors have a chance to go here.

Basically, fishes after having caught from lakes or rivers are cleaned up. Moreover, these fishes must be healthy, the bigger the better. Then, they cut a line near the fish tail and let the blood flow out. Such a horror scene to be seen !

With other spicies such as garlic and herbs, the dish is ready to serve. People here appear to love their food so much, they pay beautiful compliments when tasting the food.

However, some people show their disapproval and negative consequences.

“This is the first time i’ve heard that fish blood food exists.”

“It must be very smell. So disgusting !”

That’s true. There are some risky diseases hidden behind this ‘delicous food’, especially fluke disease. There are several advices from doctors which will be now mentioned:

First, animal blood may carry a lot of pathogens, especially infected blood of pigs, chickens, ducks,…

Futhermore, in contrary to common thoughts that aniaml blood may heal some diseases, these food may bring a large amount of risks.

Most importantly, you will let tapeworm live in your brain if you continue to eat blood pudding.

There are more issues related to the habbit of eating blood pudding that haven’t been mentioned. It’s you who has to stay alert to any types of animal blood. Stay healthy for better life !

Watching video:

Ngoc Anh

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