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The middle part of shark’s body was bitten and about to be on the verge of losing his life because of his prey
November 27 2018, 10:57 AM
Many people  do not think that shark can lose his life only because of his prey. It is extremely unbelievable!

The shark, which has been considered as devil of the ocean has been famous for being scared and bloodless when hunting prey. He has both speed and power, so anytime he conducts a hunting, it happens in the blink of an eye and it is full of blood.

The only opponent who can attack shark (excluding human) perhaps is whale, hunter of the ocean.

In the ocean, it seems that shark ranks in the top of food chain. Therefore, it is extremely surprising that they were bitten by other animals was truly rare..

This below video was filmed in the coast of Northern California, Pacific Ocean. There was a shark which was attacked by his favourite prey, seal. It was attacked brutally and the middle part of his body was continuously bitten. Moreover, his body was slashed until he lost totally his life.

 When shark must face up with the prey which has same size and attacks him brutally, anything can happen. Unfortunately, shark must accept to lost his life because of this.

Some people said that they find it unbelievable when shark can be attacked and on the brink of losing his life by his prey. It seems that there is a magic that happens in the ocean.

Recently, there has been a situation which is nearly related to this animal. In Philippines, whale shark was on the verge of losing his life because he was covered with human garbage. Unfortunately, after he was rescued by local people, he still did not exist.

Watching video:

Video source: Instant Replay


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