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Mexican jumping beans sold to ‘cure health and heart problems’
September 28 2018, 2:01 PM
A bizarre video has emerged of a tray of jumping beans in Zamora, Mexico.

The footage, shot last month, shows the pods inhabited by a moth larva “jumping” around on the tray.

The sign on the side of the tray explains that five beans in a pouch can help with rheumatism, heartache, stress and diabetes.

The Mexican Jumping Bean (LASPEYRESIA SALTITANS) comes from high up in the mountains spanning the Mexican States of Sonora and Sinaloa. They are found exclusively in a 30×100 mile area where the host plants grow. In the spring, moths emerge from the previous seasons beans to deposit their eggs in the flowers of the host trees. The egg burrows into the seed, which is divided into 3 sections and is similar to a walnut.

When the egg hatches, the resulting larva eats the heart of the bean until it carves a hole to emerge as a small moth. The jumping is a survival instinct. The larva does not like heat, which dehydrates and kills. They jump to find a cool, damp place to survive until spring. Soak beans in dechlorinated water for 5 hours once a month.

Watch video:

Source video: Newsflare

Source: Newsflare

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