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Men should sleep without clothes to enhance their ability to become fathers
February 11 2019, 10:21 AM
Sleeping without clothes will improve your health, boost your immune system, and lose weight that scientists still recommend.

Our bodies always reduce body temperature while going to sleep. Experts say that men wearing underwear to sleep will affect sperm quality. Sleeping naked feels more comfortable, easier to fall asleep. So to increase fertility, men should sleep naked to increase fertility.

Director of the Institute of Men’s Health, Dr. Brian Steixner of Jersey Urology Group, told The Sun magazine: ‘Sensitive areas need to have a suitable temperature to optimize sperm production. When men wear underwear constantly, they will make the already fragile skin area more susceptible to scraping, easier to produce, and not good for the reproductive function at all. ”


Moreover, when both husband and wife are nude when sleeping, the more intense the skin contact, the higher the amount of oxytocin in the brain or the ‘love hormone’. Sleeping naked also helps improve the immune system, regulate blood pressure and ensure stable cortisol levels.

How about you? Sleep naked from today to get a comfortable sleep!

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Nguyet Hang Do

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