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Only men feel regretful after divorce, but women usually think:”Why did they do earlier?”
August 10 2018, 11:08 AM
When husband aldulterates, how many wife can behave like this woman in the video?

Nobody wants husband to adulterate and he even dates with his lover in the public; however, the unexpected problem still occurs. According to the video, the wife saw her husband was intimate with his lover in the car. She immediately stopped her car and ran to the place. Although she required her husband “Get out”, he was in the car. Until she used the baseball bat to break the car glass, he decided to get out. How do you think about her behavior?

The wife was so angry when witnessing the terrible scene

She required her husband to get out

But he was still in the car

Untill she used a baseball bat to break the car glass

Her husband got out

Watching video:


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