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Melting-hearted video: Little girl walked barefoot and crawled on the muddy road, her clothes got covered in the mud
October 12 2018, 4:48 PM
People feel broken-hearted when they see the poor girl walked on the muddy road, fell down and stand up to go forward.

The image about baby go to school is probably one of the most beautiful pictures. The babies wear nice uniforms, sit behind their parents’ cars, and smile brightly of childhood. However, in many difficult places, the children go to school with a completely opposite image. Their hands and foot are got covered in mud. Moreover, they also wear dirty clothes and tattered bags. This makes everyone sorrowful.

A recent video posted on Facebook social networking site shows the scene of schoolgirls wears a tattered bag and crosses the muddy road to class quickly. The scene was attracted the attention of the Internet community.

The way to school is difficult like the poor life of the child. Walking on the wet mud leads her clothes and bags are dirty, furthermore, she only takes a few steps down the knees but she still persevere on the next step. Clinging to the fence, the girl slowly crosses the bad road.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the spirit and desire of learning makes her more energy to overcome the troubles.

Looking at these images, many people will definitely feel tears “Well, my life is better than everyone else”. Hope that with the efforts of the children, they can overcome difficulties to have a brighter future. Hope the kind hearts will help the children to reduce about material burden. And the children live up to the joy of childhood.

Watching video:

Source video: Lieu Tue


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