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Meet the back-biting Masseuse getting her teeth into celebrities
August 05 2018, 9:32 AM
This method seems new but was created more than 40 years ago.

This type of massage has only recently appeared, but it has been known in the US for a long time. This unique massage method was created by Dorothy Stein, who lived in New Jersey, USA more than 40 years ago. By biting into the body, Dorothy has created an effective therapy that circulates blood and relaxes the body.

Her bites helps to circulate blood and relax the body

It was not until 1994 that Dorothy officially began charging for this unique massage service. But at this point, she is well known in the Hollywood world, so spending a lot of money on a massage with this particular method is not beyond their reach. Today, her massage therapy also attracted many celebs such as Kanye West, Katy Perry or Simon Cowell. Each of her massage materials cost about $150. Despite having practiced for over 30 years, Dorothy admits that not everyone feels suitable for this method of treatment.

It looks strange but is famous among the celebs 

While Dr. Dot stated that her unique massage method promotes blood circulation and is worth the experience once in life, not everyone believes it is harmless. Dr. Holly Phillips, has raised some concerns about the risk of infection. “Usually 10-15% of bites are at risk for infection, or worse, transmission of the virus, such as hepatitis B.” – Holly worries.

According to clients, these bites are not painful at all

However, according to some clients, Dorothy worked very carefully. In addition, they said that this method is not painful or unhygienic and are very safe. Before and after the massage, Dorothy has to clean her teeth.

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