This married acrobatic duo performs juggling on air which causes all the AGT judges a heart-attack, they step up the act by wearing a blindfolded and the consequence is ….

Posted on 18-07-2018.

The two has brought their performance to the next level by blindfolded and juggling on air at the same time. Unfortunately, the husband’s hand was too slippery to hold anything!!

Acrobatics are truly one of the most difficult sports. It requires acrobat strength, skill and most of all carefulness because if a single action doesn’t go as planned, the consequence can’t be imaginably!

They start off strongly as the wife is slowly pull up by her husband

Right after, he throws her in the air and quickly grab her hands which causes all the everyone’s heart stops for a second

Our heart racing with every moment of their performance!

Here comes the most dangerous of them all

And yes, he does drop her

No one believes what is happening

Thanks God she is okay and they do make it to the next round.

Kieu Anh