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Marian Rivera, the Filipina beauty queen, is on getting pregnant again
November 13 2018, 10:28 AM
Marian Rivera revealed the gender of her second baby.

Marian Rivera showed her pregnant belly on a show. She also revealed the gender of her second child to the audience with great happiness when she got pregnant again.

Marian Rivera is currently pregnant for about 5 months, her abdomen has clearly seen. The actress also said she felt comfortable on the second time of pregnancy.

There is no change, except that her belly becomes bigger. She shared her dream was to have many children. Now she was enjoying the happiest time as much as possible.

Marian Rivera – the most famous actress in the Philippines.

The beautiful actress told that while being in the second pregnancy, she was very careful in eating, makeup, using food, so her weight didn’t change so much.

Marian and her husband.

When asked about the second baby is boy or girl, the actress shared that the gender made her feel very excited. When she heard doctor informed the information, she and her husband couldn’t control their feeling. Marian told although Zia was a few years old, she received many invitations to advertise.

However, her husband, actor Dingdong Dinges, will decide. The “most beautiful Filipino actress” is still working hard, despite her belly is quite big. She has renewed her contract with a spa that she has worked with for four years.

Marian Rivera and her husband – actor Dingdong Dantes.

Busy as a role of wife and mother, but Marian said she has long been no longer concerned about the title of “Queen of Showbiz.” She only needs a happy home, where she is full of safety, warmth and love. The humorous actress said, “I will be the Queen in Dingdong’s house.” A happy home is where there is safety, warmth, love, care and love.

This news is making the fans feel happy. She is receiving the blessing from the audience. The first baby of  the couple Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes, the baby Zia is already lovely. It’s certain that the second baby will also own beauty no less sister. Wait and watch it!


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