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There have been many cases of emergency hospitalization because of a blood infection after an action that everyone thinks ‘it is normal’
February 11 2019, 10:38 AM
Many people think that pimples are so small that squeezing is okay but it's not true.

6-year-old girl hospitalized after her parents squeezed acne on her face

Recently, baby L. (6, Phu Tho, Vietnam) was taken to emergency hospital by her family with a high fever, swollen eyes. It is noteworthy that there is a abnormal red burning on her face. Before that, the family found an acne on their daughter’s face so they arbitrarily squeezed and applied salve.

Doctors diagnosed, the baby had blood sepsis. After 2 hours of hospitalization, the situation got worse. The baby had a fast breath, fast pulse, chatter and fell into a coma.

Doctors have consulted and managed according to the regimen against septic shock. The patient was transferred to the intensive care department for special care, however in the first 6 days of using vasomotor, high-dose antibiotics, the situation of the baby girl still got complicated. After 10 days of treatment, she was well and left hospital.

Danger of squeezing acne in the buttocks

In 2015, a 60-year-old woman in Hanoi(Vietnam) was taken to a hospital in critical condition, when hospitalized, patients with blood infection, coma, bad prognosis. After that, due to bad prognosis, the patient’s family asked for the patient to return.

Previously, patients had a history of diabetes. Before admission, the patient found a rash in the buttock. Later, this woman arbitrarily squeezed when the boil had not form pus. After squeezing, the patient had a high fever and fell into a coma.

The results of CT scans here found many lesions in the liver, spleen and brain. Because of her serious situation, the family asked to stop treatment.

Death from squeezing acne

Also in 2015, the Vietnam National Dermatology Hospital received a 25-year-old male patient. The patient was hospitalized with symptoms of drowsiness, high fever, rapid breathing, rapid pulse, low blood pressure, cold limbs. Before that, the patient squeezed acne on his face. Then, a large painful swelling appeared in his nose. This man bought antibiotics to drink but did not get better.

Due to severe shock, the patient died. When squeezing acne will cause bleeding, bacteria through blood stains, causing many different clinical conditions such as sepsis, brain abscess, lung, septic shock … These diseases are very severe, if the patients are not treated right and timely, they can die.

Kim Ngan Do

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