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Man has a tumor that is as big as a ball on his back, making many people think that it is a malignant tumor; what is the truth?
December 07 2018, 2:30 PM
After arriving at the hospital to have medical checkup, the man was surprised at the result of doctor.

A black American man was recently diagnosed by doctors that the tumor on his back was a benign ones. It is formed entirely from fat and will not affect his health when being removed. It is known that a year ago this man felt that there was a growing tumor on his back. In fact, it didn’t hurt him or affected his health so he decided not to go to the hospital. However, later, the tumor increasingly grew in size and by the time it was cut recently, it was estimated as big as a ball. Many people were shocked at his case and said that he was lucky because the tumor was just formed from a fat mass.

Often, fat is found only in the abdomen, hips, buttocks and breasts, etc but for this man it was in his back. This case is really special. The doctors then used a lot of needles to poke the tumor and made a vertical line to help release it more easily.

After surgery, the man was quickly recovered and he was soon discharged by the doctors to return to his normal life. However, he was advised to have more healthy life styles and try to eat less fatty food, carbonated drinks. Moreover, he should also do exercises regularly and join outdoors activities.


Vu Tam

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