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The man took a tiger for a walk made the whole street run away, until it turned his face made the people breathe out in relieved
February 13 2019, 9:26 AM
Take the pet for a walk around the park the man made the whole street in turmoil.

People often have a hobby of keeping dogs as pets because they are so cute and smart, and like playing out.

One day, a man stroll along the park with his pet, while everyone was taking his dog along, he took a tiger. This scared many people, not dare to approach. But everyone felt very strange, obviously tiger could not be a pet, why could this man have a big tiger like that? Is this an illegal act? Everyone feels very confused. Some people even ask the people around if whoever wants to call police.

When a dog run through growling at the “tiger”, made it turn its head. Everyone was stunned when seeing the scene. It turned out not a fierce tiger, so it was just a “camouflage” dog.

Because the owner is too naughty, wears his dog clothes like a tiger and then leads to the park. The scene really made people startle.

Lan Le


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