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Man suffers strange disease due to eating snakes frequently
January 16 2019, 9:30 AM
The story of the man who killed so many snakes and suffered from a strange disease made people wonder whether karma actually existed.

In Ta Luan village, Tian Shui Commune, Liao Yang District, Liao Ning Province, China living a man named Han Yong Bo who was called ‘snake man’. Every day, he has to lie in bed covered by a cotton blanket and just exposes his head.

The photo of Mr. Yong Bo when he was healthy

People will be scared if seeing his body under the blanket. His whole body turned black purple and his skin looked like snake’s one. His whole body suffers from aches and pains.  He always tries to scratch so his skin flattens and falls over the bed. He always groaned in anguish and begged the God for tolerating him. He has to sit in this tank to bath every day. Villagers said that the reason why he suffered from this disease was that he often hit and ate snake meat. This ghostly disease caused him many times to commit suicide because he lost faith in life. He said, “I’d rather die than living miserably like this. Previously, Mr. Han Yong Bo was completely healthy. Han’s father also constantly felt remorse because he often beat snake himself. Their family had been acted like this for 2 generations. And unfortunate incidents happened continuously to their family. For example, the oldest brother was drunk to death, the oldest sister-in-law was shocked to death. And Mr. Han Yong Bo had to suffer from the strange disease and could not leave his bed. Everything in his family has been upon his father. For more than a year and a half when Mr. Han was ill, the family took him to Liao Yang hospital and Shen Yang one to cure but it was not effective all time. On the other hand, it also caused the family to have heavy debts that could not afford to pay, the grandchildren could not go to school, their life was extremely depressed. For some reason, Mr. Han had such a strange disease. Is it related to the fact that both father and son often kill and eat snake?  However, since he confessed and swore never to kill the species again and he would do more good things instead, his health has become better.

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Nguyet Hang Do

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