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A man proposed his girlfriend in the airport by using flashmob dance
August 23 2018, 4:35 PM
Eliane thought that only her friend's parents were coming to visit and meet her and after her friend's parents came out and greeted everyone, they were all getting ready to leave and then the flashmob began.

To be proposed by the man whom a girl loves is always a memorable moment for the rest of her life. And the girl in this story – Eliane was surprised by the way her boyfriend proposed her, full of amazement and affection. At first, this was only some kind of a performance in the airport but everything became clear when Eliane’s lover – Jacob showed up. She realized that this was not a normal flashmob anymore, especially the “Marry you” song..

The girl in this story – Eliane .

At first, everyone thought this would be a coincidental show.

Then a lot of dancers appeared to perform the flashmob 

It caught everyone’s attention, even Eliane

The dancers’ moves stunned everyone

With the precision in every move and the attraction of the song, people’s attention were all drawn to the show.

After that, Jacob showed up with the flowers

And he did what needs to be done 

A happy ending for the couple

Watch video:

Source: Jacob Demirji

Source: Jacob Demirji

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