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A man pranks his girlfriend by pouring ink on her head while she is taking shower
September 14 2018, 8:49 AM
You see, love is not always full of romantic moment!!

Dating can be fun sometimes‒meeting new people, going out to new places, feeling the excitement of a potential new relationship. But be honest it’s just not fun after a certain point. But don’t feel like you’re settling down when you find that special someone. Relationships don’t have to be boring! In fact, being in a relationship makes your life better and healthier!

This man for sure knows how to keep the love fire ongoing.


While his girlfriend’s taking a shower, he comes up with a crazy but hilarious idea which is dumping ink onto her head.


At first, she has no clue about what going on as water from the shower keeps running into her eyes.

The boyfriend, who is hiding behind the window, using a small pipe, contains ink and dumping it on her


She keeps on showering and it is all over her face and still has no idea

Then, here comes the exciting moment. She gets out of the shower and looks right in to the mirror.

Her face is covered with ink and it looks hilarious!!!

Here is another case which boyfriend pranks girlfriend by pouring more and more shampoo on her head.

As these two are showering after swimming in the beach, this man decides spots a guy in pouring a lot of shampoo on his girl’s head. Instead of stopping the other man, he decides to join hand with him and pranking her.

This video went viral after it was posted online, many people find it funny

“This is so funny. I will for sure try to prank my girl and record her reaction!!!” Vadar Scarnman

Justin Bisct commented: “She would be mad but for sure I’m gonna do this!!!”

Would you dare to do that with your partner?






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